How long will Pre Orders take to ship.

If an item is marked as Pre Order, we don't currently have it ready to ship. Our manufacturing is streamlined, the maximum lead time on most orders is 6 six weeks. If you wanted a more detailed idea on lead times, you can pop us an email for more information.

What about power for my case?

Eastwick does not sell power for its case's. We recommend that all Eastwick cases are powered by 4ms Row power.

You can purchase it directly from London Modular here

Each case needs a Row Power 30 or 40, Flying ribbon cables and a power brick. If you have more then one case, you can link them with a barrel cable.

Can I buy a single case now and expand it later?

Yes, all of our cases and accessories are interchangeable, our range is modular by design.

Will new parts be offered in the future? Will they still work with the older cases?

Yes, we plan to keep on adding new designs as we move forward, but the core mounting system is set in stone, we wont ever change this as it is the basis of everything we do.

Do your case's have sliding nuts or treaded stripes?

All Eastwick cases have treaded stripes only, we do not use or offer sliding nuts. 

Will the Carry Bag and 6u case fit on a plane?

This is down to the size requirement of each airline so it is hard for us to answer, we can tell you that Simon flew from London to Moscow to Belgrad to Croatia to Frankfurt and back to London with his. The Carry Case was taken on as hand luggage for each flight.

Who has bought an Eastwick in the past?

At this point we have sold 100's of cases to musician's all over the world. Some of our notable clients include. Surgeon, Blawan, Ansome, Mumdance, James Holden, Tessela, Pip Williams, Etc, Etc.

Will you add new colours?

We wont. Buying a bright yellow case can seem like a good idea at the time, but after a while it may where thin. We will keep our colours classic and simple.